Already on Thursday, October 17th, the next Adega Beer Pong Tournament will take place. It’s probably the best Beer Pong in the city❗ Start at 20:00. Are you a fan of celluloid ball? Have you always wanted to play the most popular American beer game in which even losers are winners? 😉 Do you have a partner with whom you will go into fire 🔥? This means that you are the perfect candidate to take part in our game 🙂

We are now accepting entries from two-man teams for the big tournament. The entry fee is the purchase of a jug of beer to play. Sign up now❗ The number of starting teams is limited to 12. First come first served❗ Attractive prizes are provided for the winners 😎

Subscriptions are accepted until Wednesday, October 16 to 22:00, through our fanpage, sms 697232237 or email We are waiting for your applications❗ ️